An Overview of White Biotechnology

Commonly referred to as industrial biotechnology, white biotechnology is utilized to manufacture various products which we use in our day to day life, ranging from something as simple as bread and cheese to complex formulas like bio diesel, to bio catalysts and microbial strains.

Since time immemorial, man has made use of the gifts of nature to lead a comfortable life. Later, with the progress of science and technology, many natural products were replaced by synthetic products which in turn proved to be harmful both to man and the environment. So now with the help of white biotechnology, there is an attempt to go back to nature to some extent.

White biotechnology includes both financial and environment friendly alternatives to the harmful chemical, physical and mechanical processes that modern day man has become habituated to. This technology is highly cost effective as well as environment friendly.

The all inclusive technology that drives white biotechnology is as varied and diverse as belonging to branches of study as Chemistry, Genetics, Microbiology, Chemical engineering, Molecular Biology and computer engineering to name just a few disciplines. White biotechnology with its far reaching implications in almost every field has a great impact on the entire application and processes of the industrial sector, resulting in greater monetary benefits as well.

With the industrial sector making more and more use of white biotechnology, we can see the introduction of more and more environment friendly methods of production processes being put in place. This is especially true of industries that deal with the production of food, textiles, cosmetics, mining and paper.

The potential for research, growth and development of white biotechnology is enormous. As we are now utilizing just 150 to 170 of the known 3,000 enzymes, scientists have to face and overcome the challenges of the optimum utilization of these enzymes.

A major example of the use of white biotechnology is the detergent industry as most modern detergents come packed with powerful enzymes that make cleaning easy. Washing clothes with the old detergents with no enzymes, take up almost double the effort and energy to get the clothes clean. The detergent industry further helps the textile industry to cut its costs as the washing and cleaning of textiles during the process of purification takes up less energy with the use of these powerful enzyme loaded detergents.

Another area where white biotechnology is utilized with great benefits is the purification of water. It helps to remove harmful bacteria from water thus making it safe for drinking. This technology also helps in the process of the application of renewable material. There are a great many research opportunities in the fields of bio fuels and bio plastics and this is highly beneficial to both the industrial world as well as the various research institutions involved in furthering white biotechnology research for the betterment of mankind.

As more and more research is conducted in the field of white biotechnology the benefits are three fold. It improves research initiatives, enhances industrial output leading to increased commercial and financial gains and finally leads to the use of environment friendly technology.